Hair Transplant : FUT (Strip)
27 Jan 2017 11:56
Hair Transplant : FUT (Strip)

FUT (Strip) Hair Transplant
Hair transplant with the technique of FUT (Strip) is a standard procedure of hair restoration that is widely accepted across the globe. It encompasses a minor surgery with the principles of using a microscope to dissect follicular units in the strip of tissues obtained from the back or sides of the scalp; these donor areas have minimal hair loss and strong follicular cells with a relatively long lifespan. The harvested hair follicles are later transplanted to the desired areas. This method is specifically suitable for individuals with genetically thin hair. The FUT (Strip) hair transplant is a surgery that does not require the use of anesthetic. Rather, it merely involves an analgesic injection on the recipient areas. The duration of the surgery depends on the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. This technique of hair transplant delivers consistent results and is highly safe, since all procedures are under the supervision of a medical specialist with high experience, specifically in the field of hair transplantation. (American Board Certified)

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